Project Inspire: Learning analytics in Moodle

Warning: This post is just for my own benefit 🙂

I wrote before about Moodle’s Project Inspire and just today I have taken a look on the demo site to see how it works -or at least, how it works in its very early stages. Much more input and sample data will be needed, but it does give some idea of where they are coming from and heading towards.

So – as an admin or manager, you can access a report set up page: ‘Inspire Model’. This offers you can see, search for (and I presume, at some point in the future also add) indicators of performance. You can also set the time splitting, for example Quarters or Quarters accumulative.


The indicators take much from the Community of inquiry model (Garrison, Anderson and Archer, 2001) We see ‘cognitive depth’ and ‘social breadth’ connected to many activities. I need to explore this in much more detail. For now, I am just looking at how this analytics report works.

So once you have set this up, you execute the report, you select a course and you then see the students and a colour-coded indication of whether they are likely to drop out or not:


Samuel is likely to drop out – if you click the Actions menu for him, you have a choice of options:

  • view an outline report (this is standard Moodle outline report)
  • send him a message
  • view the predictions. If you click to view the predictions, this is what you see:


I understand the prototype site is just a simple demo, so I assume these figures are more simplistic than they would be in reality. However, it is interesting to watch the progress.

If you want to try it out, the site is


Garrison, D., Anderson, T. and Archer, W. (2001). Critical thinking, cognitive presence, and computer conferencing in distance education. American Journal of Distance Education, 15(1), pp.7-23.

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