…And we’re off!

The Balancing Act is five days into our fortnight of student led seminar. After a slow start, it’s begun to pick up now. I wonder if there will be more activity over the weekend, when we full time workers in theory have more time to devote to other studies?

I’ve been looking at the logs, which are interesting reading. The statistics report for student activity shows that there were a lot of views on Monday, the first day. Presumably people were checking it out then – and therefore didn’t feel the need to come back straight away, as there were only five views on Tuesday. (But of course that was Valentine’s Day and we were all devoted to our Loved Ones!) Nobody took the plunge to post until Wednesday, however, and I confess I am a little disappointed at the level of participation in this first week:


Below is a breakdown of student participation in Discussion topic 1 Embedding digital literacies into blended and online programmes:


This report – names anonymised! – shows the number of views and shows a wide disparity between those who have read the forum content and those who have not accesssed it at all.


This report shows who has actually posted to the forum – a new discussion or reply (Again, this does not include the four facilitators)


In a previous training role I was required to get in touch with any course participants who hadn’t accessed the materials after a certain number of days to ensure -gently – everything was OK. Often it was because they were simply too busy and they planned to get on with it asap – at other times it was because they did have issues and were grateful for my ‘nudge’. How to proceed here, with our co-participants? Leave it over the weekend and then re-evaluate on Monday? Certainly something to discuss in the team.


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